Tech Note: Unable to send/receive SMS messages with Redport Glow

Tech Note: Unable to send/receive SMS messages with Redport Glow

Redport Glow problems can be caused by a few things...

Step 1: Double check that Xgate App is configured correctly and messages are being composed correctly.  

Step 2: Ensure that the MMSI has already been entered into the Glow
Log in to the Glow's UI (default IP: as superadmin, default password is webxaccess.
If the MMSI has not yet been entered, the first page will prompt for the MMSI.  Enter it and save/apply.

Step 3: Ensure Glow has updated firmware
Check the firmware version in the upper left corner of configuration.  2.49 is known good version
Go to Firmware page under System menu and check SD Imager version.  1.37 is known good version
Upgrade to known good versions if Glow is using older versions

Step 3: Check the system log for errors.
SMS related event log entries have "iridium sms" in the log entry.  Look for CMS ERROR.
If you see +CMS ERROR:330 or +CMS ERROR:303, then the Glow is most likely missing it's SMSC configuration and needs to be manually fixed by Redport/Pivotel support.
(CMS ERROR Reference: link to 3rd party page)
Continue with Redport/Povotel Support if still not working...
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