Upgrade Iridium Go Firmware to 2.1.8

How To: Upgrading the Iridium Go Firmware to v.2.1.8 (Oct 2018)

Performing the Iridium Go Firmware Upgrade

There is a newer release available.  Click here to go to the instructions for 2.1.22 (Oct 2021)
The following steps should be used to upgrade an Iridium GO!® from version 1.0.66 or later.
Step 1: Downloading the latest Iridium GO! firmware
  1. Go to www.iridiumgo.com/update and save the file to your desktop
    1. Alternate download location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmqubkzrzk4ejsv/maxwell-2.1.8.frm?dl=0
    2. Release notes available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/isu8qajix95uofc/2.1.8_release_notes.pdf?dl=0
Step 2: Turning on the Iridium GO! device
  1. Raise the antenna to an upright position
  2. Wait for the device to power up (takes approx. 1 min) to begin registration with the Iridium network
Step 3: Charging the battery (highly recommended)
  1. Open USB cover and firmly plug in the USB cable that is already connected to AC plug or car charger
Step 4: Checking firmware version on Iridium GO! device
  1. Press either left or right navigation button for menu to appear
  2. Press “NEXT” button until you get to “INFORMATION” option
  3. Press “SELECT
  4. Note the SSID number and f/w (firmware) version
Step 5: Connecting your laptop/computer to the Iridium GO! Advanced Features Portal via Wi-Fi
  1. Look for the SSID number (you noted down in step 4), in the lists of Wi-Fi networks available on your computer/laptop
  2. Connect your laptop/computer to this Wi-Fi network (SSID)
  3. Open a web browser using the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox or IE
  4. Enter in the address bar and press enter
  5. Login with an administrator account, the Username & Password are set to “guest” by default and press enter
Step 6: Navigating the “Iridium Go! Advanced Features Portal”
  1. Go to the “SYSTEM” tab
  2. Click on “Choose File” and select the firmware file you saved on your desktop
  3. Click on upgrade, and wait until the progress/status bar reaches 100% completion
Note: This should take approximately 10-15 minutes. While firmware upgrade is in progress, do not navigate away from this page.  Upon completion, the device will automatically restart: This will take approximately 2 minutes.
  1. New progress bar will appear below the firmware upgrade to indicate that the unit is restarting
  2. If the device has lost Wi-Fi connection, ensure to reconnect (follow Step 5)
Step 7: Checking the firmware version on Iridium GO!
  1. Follow Step 4
Ensure that the Firmware version is now updated to 2.1.8

Source: Iridium Go Release Notes and Firmware Upgrade Instructions Document v.2.1.8