Troubleshooting: SureCall Fusion2Go Cellular Booster

Troubleshooting: SureCall Fusion2Go Cellular Booster

LED Indicators

Place a call in a location you have previously experienced poor signal and confirm that your phone is receiving a boosted signal. Normal operation is indicated by Green LEDs (both flashing and solid).In the event Red LEDs appear, antenna adjustments may be needed.

Indicates normal operation
Normal operation. Indicates that Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is self-adjusting due to over-signal or antenna proximity
Indicates issues caused by overpowering or oscillation.  
Adjustment of your outside antenna placement is likely needed. Verify that it has sufficient separation from the inside antenna, as well as, any potentially interfering objects or antennas
Note that the booster case may become warm during operation. This is normal.


Signal booster has no power
Verify that the Power LED is ON.
Connect the power supply to an alternate power source
Verify that the power source is operational and the fuse is intact. If it remains OFF, contact tech support at:
1-888-365-6283 or
After completing installation, signal has not Improved
Verify that cable connections are tightly fitted to the booster. Try further separating the antennas

Note: Bars are not always a reliable measure of signal. The best way to confirm signal coverage is the ability to place and hold a call.

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