Tech Note: How To Setup Redport Glow Tracking for FollowingSea

Tech Note: How To Setup Redport Glow Tracking for FollowingSea

The Redport Glow can be configured to send position tracking information to FollowingSea Yacht Location Tracker.

  1. Customer must first create an account with FollowingSea at
  2. Redport Glow must be activated with a valid Iridium Service plan.  Go150+(Go! Unlimited) plan highly recommended

Part 1: FollowingSea Setup Steps
  1. Login to FollowingSea account
  2. Click on name in upper right corner for menu and select Profile
  3. On Profile Page, select Location Tracker/Blog Tab
  4. Enable the Tracker/Blog Feature (if not already enabled)
  5. Once enabled, scroll down and click on "Send Automatic Position Reports via Iridium Go!"
  6. In the body of the text, locate the email address, you will need this to configure the Redport Glow in the next step.
  7. If you want others to see your track, ensure the "Private" box is UNCHECKED.

Part 2: Redport Glow Setup Steps
  1. Connect to Glow WiFi or Narwhal WiFi network
  2. Login to Glow Interface at with username superadmin, password webxaccess
  3. Click on the "Services" menu item, then "GPS Tracking" on the sub-menu
  4. Check the "Enable Tracking" box
  5. Set Provider to "GSatTrack"
  6. Set Tracking Interval to "60" minutes
  7. Leave the entire next section unchecked
  8. In the bottom section labelled Tracking via SMS..
  9. Check the box for Iridium terminal/Aurora/MCG-101
  10. For recipient email address, enter the email address you gathered from Part 1
  11. Enter the name of your vessel in Vessel Name box
  12. Click Save and Apply.
  13. The first position report will be sent after a few minutes.

The configuration is now complete!

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