Sea-Tech WiFi Extender Kit Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide: Sea-Tech WiFi Extender Package

Quick Start Guide for Sea-Tech Systems Wi-Fi Extender Kit


Wi-Fi Extender Kit Contents:


2.4Ghz Only Kits:

Wi-Fi Extender: Wave Wifi Rogue Reach or Rogue Pro

POE Injector

AC Power Adapter

DC Power Adapter

25ft Ethernet cable (pre-attached on Rogue Reach models)

Linksys Wi-Fi Router

Power Y-Adapter


Dual band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) Kits:

Wi-Fi Extender: Wave Wifi Rogue Reach DB or Rogue Pro DB

POE Injector

AC Power Adapter

DC Power Adapter

DC Power Converter (converts 24VDC to 12VDC)

(not pictured here, see wiring diagrams)

25ft Ethernet cable (pre-attached on Rogue Reach models)

Linksys Wi-Fi Router

Power Y-Adapter


Step 1: Supplying power to the system via the Included AC adapter or 12VDC adapter.


Warning:  If you are using the AC Adapter AND you have a Dual-Band Wi-Fi ExtenderKit, the AC adapter should have a tag on the end saying “24Volt DC Rogue DB”.  You *MUST* use the DC-DC converter included in your kit for powering the Linksys Router (per the AC Dual-Band diagram) or you will destroy the Linksys Router.  The Linksys router does not support 24VDC power without conversion.

DC Adapter (12VDC)

AC Adapter (120VAC)

Look for the 24V tag on this cable and follow the instructions carefully!

Step 2: Connect the system per the following wiring diagrams:


12VDC Powered (Single-Band and Dual-Band)

AC Powered (Single-band)


AC Powered (Dual-band)


Step 3: Configure the Linksys Router with a Wi-Fi password.


Note: The Linksys router will not let you connect to the Internet without a minimal amount of configuration.   Linksys recommends you download and install “Linksys Connect” to your computer or smartphone to do a full configuration.  There is no problem with doing this as long as you have a way to download the software, or a CD/DVD drive on your computer to install from the included disk.   If you just want to get connected quickly with minimal configuration, follow the steps below to set a Wi-Fi password.


1.)  Connect your computer to the Linksys Wi-Fi network which will be named something like “Linksys01234”.  There is no default password.



2.)  Open your web browser and go to any website, you will be automatically redirected to the Linksys router welcome page.


3.)  Find and click the “Continue with an open and unsecure network (not recommended)” link.  

Don’t worry we will secure the network ;-)


4.)  On the next page you will prompted to confirm this setting.  Check the box that you agree and click the “Continue” button.  Don’t click the larger button with the house on it.


5.)  Next in your web browser, go to

a.    Login as admin with the password admin.  Acknowledge the warning.


6.)  Click on the Wireless Tab, then click on Wireless Security

7.)  Change the selection to “WPA2 Personal”


8.)  Set a password for your Linksys Wi-Fi network.

9.)  Click Save Settings.


Almost Ready!


At this point your computer will be disconnected from the Linksys network and you will need to select the network again to reconnect, then enter your new password.  Once this is complete you can access the Wi-Fi extender to connect to a remote Wi-Fi network and get online.


To connect your Wi-Fi Extender to a remote Wi-Fi network…


1.)  Open your web browser and go to

You will be presented with a list of all of the Wi-Fi networks your extender sees.

2.)  Find the remote Wi-Fi network you want to use, click on the name, enter a password for the network if required, and click connect.


Once the Wi-Fi Extender successfully connects to the remote network, the status information in the upper right corner will indicate you are connected and show the name of the Internet provider.


You are now online!


For more information on connecting to remote Wi-Fi networks, refer to the Wave Wi-Fi Quick Start guide that comes with the Extender.