Nvidia Plex Server won't connect to Onboard Wi-Fi

Nvidia Plex Server won't connect to Onboard Wi-Fi

In some cases, an Nvidia Plex server won't connect to wifi and gives an error related to poor wi-fi network settings.

This is caused by the router using what Nvidia considers a low-power channel (Channels 36-64)

Option 1:

To correct this, turn on the "enable low power channels" setting on the Nvidia device when configuring the Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to connect. 

Note: that the Nvidia device respects the "low power channel" regulations and will reduce it's wifi transmit power on the Low Power Channels.  This cannot be changed.

Option 2:

Alternatively change the router's wifi settings to use a high power channel (channels 100-140) if possible

Low Power Channels (200mw - 23db maximum)
      Channels 36-64
            Channels 36 and 52 preferred

High Power Channels (1000mw - 30db maximum)
      Channels 100-140
            Channels 100 and 116 preferred
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