Iridium Handheld Flex Plans - Quick Start

Iridium Handheld Flex Plans - Quick Start

Applies to:

White Pivotel SIMs with Purple Accents (SIM# starting with 896188000...)

National Calls

To make a standard national call within the United States simply, enter +1 <area code> <phone number>. For example, to call the 206-792-9540 Sea-Tech Systems main line, simply dial +12067929540.

International Calls

To make an international call simply enter the number in the format + <country code> <area code> <phone number>.

Remember, if the area code has a leading 0 then you must omit that when you enter the number – for example to call the number 09 XXX XXXX in Auckland, New Zealand dial +649XXXXXXX or to call the number 04 XXX XXXXX in Australia dial +614XXXXXXXX.

Using Your Iridium Handheld Flex Plan Outside The US

If you are using your Iridium Handheld Flex Plan outside the US and you are dialing a number local to the country you are in, you must dial the number in International format. For example if you are in New Zealand and you want to dial the number 09 XXX XXXX in Auckland, New Zealand you must dial +649XXXXXXX.

Free Test Call Service

Test your satellite phone by calling our free test call service on +1-302-260-TEST, the test call service gives you peace of mind knowing your service is working.


Your Flex Plan provides a voicemail service so you need never miss a call. The voicemail number is +61424212121 – you can call this number from your satellite phone to setup your voicemail and then to retrieve your voicemail messages. To save this number in your phone for easy access select Menu >Voicemail > Voicemail Settings > Number then enter +61424212121 and select save.

Note: Calling into your Voicemail will use minutes the same as a regular phone call.

SMS Text Messages

You can send SMS text messages from your satellite phone to standard mobile numbers in the United States and overseas. To send a text message, select Menu > Messaging > New Message > Text message > simply enter the recipient’s mobile number at the start of the message, followed by the text you want to appear in the text message > Options > Send. Always enter the mobile number in the international format, for example a US mobile number in the format +1XXXXXXXXXX, an Australian mobile would be entered in the format +614XXXXXXXX and a New Zealand mobile number in the format +642XXXXXXXX.

SMS Service Center Number

The correct SMS service center number must be stored in your phone in order to send SMS text messages successfully. This number is stored in your Flex SIM and will normally transfer to the phone automatically when the SIM is installed.

If you are unable to send SMS text messages please check the SMS service center number – select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Text msg. settings > SMSC management > The number displayed must be +61415011740.

If the correct number is not displayed you can add a new SMSC by pressing Select > Scroll Down to the next line > Options > Edit > Enter ‘+61415011740’ > Select ‘Apply’ > Select ‘Yes’ to activate this number as current message center. 

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