Tech Note: Icom M803 Pactor Modem Connections Update (April 2020)

Tech Note: Icom M803 Pactor Modem Connections Update (April 2020)

In communication with Icom, Sailmail, and Farallon Electronics, Sea-Tech Systems has updated the requirements for connecting a Pactor Modem to the new Icom M803 Marine HF/SSB Transceiver.   The change affects cabling requirements, as well as menu settings in the radio menu.

Changes to the cable connections between radio and modem

1.) Due to signal level differences between the M802 and M803 "REMOTE" ports, it is recommended that pactor modems be connected to the AF/MOD port on the M803, NOT the ACC port.   This connection requires a different cable as the 9090 and 9091 cables use on the M802 will not connect to the AF/MOD port.  The new cable is currently in development.

      Supported/Recommended Cables for M803 to Pactor connection
            Audio - 9098 or 9099 Audio cable (M803 AF/MOD to Modem Audio 8-pin DIN port)
                  The new audio cable also connects to the ACC port on the M803 to supply power to the modem
            Control - 8083 or 8086 Control cable (M803 REMOTE to Modem Control port)
                  This is the same cable as used with the M802

Changes to settings in the radio to properly communicate with the modem

2.) From the factory, the Icom M803 REMOTE port is configured for NMEA and need to be changed to RS232 to communicate with the Pactor modem

      On the M803 Control screen:  Menu > Configuration > Remote > Change NMEA to RS232.

NOTE:  If you received a M803 Pactor package, or a Pactor modem and cables to use with an M803, from Sea-Tech prior to March 31, 2020, please contact Sea-Tech Systems support for help obtaining the new 9098 cable for your installation.  All M803/Pactor packages sent AFTER March 31, 2020 will ship with the appropriate cables as outlined above.

The connection guide diagram below has been updated to reflect the new cabling.